Trevor Lee vs. Cody Rhodes from PWG 2017

How Cody Rhodes of all fucking people gets how to work good matches in PWG when so many others spectacularly fail is a fucking mystery. We should not complain about it though because good PWG matches and good Cody matches are both so rare that it’s basically like seeing a unicorn┬áto see them happen at the same time.

The match set a great tone from the get-go. Trevor murder Cody during the latter’s introduction with an avalanche German. From there, both guys were just going at it at a great pace and with plenty of fun action. Cody made Trevor look great throughout, and Cody probably accidentally stumbled into a good role for himself (undercard sprinter). Cody needing a ref bump to jump was weak as fuck of course, but that is the price you pay for booking Cody. (***)

Side-note: the ropes were really fucking flimsy here and looked like an actual death just waiting to happen. The fact that this is happening with any regularity on high-profile indies is a fucking disgrace. Protect your fucking wrestlers.


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