Paul Burchill vs. Louis Lyndon from AIW 2017

AIW openly booked this match as a gag on the fact that Riddle unbooked himself from an AIW show and made fun of them for booking him to job to “a pirate” (Lyndon)  on one of their shows. Thus, we got pirate vs. pirate on this show. That is all amusing and everything, but the end result is a very not-amusing match.

If Burchill was ever good, he did not show any of that here. Lyndon, for all his talent, is not the kind of performer who can just make something from absolutely nothing. You could maybe justify all of this as a “crowd pleaser,” but the crowd predictably reacted to it all with complete apathy once the entrances ended. Lyndon won via fruit roll-up. (1/4*)


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