Donovan Dijak vs. Sonjay Dutt from Nova Pro 2017

This was so fucking good. Both guys clearly just went into the match with the intention of putting forth the best effort possible. It’s crazy to see two guys like this who have no real need to put forth this level of effort on a Nova show, outwork the majority of wrestlers on major indie platforms anyway.

Beyond the great effort though, these two just took advantage of so many easy ideas to enhance the match. Dijak was bigger guy, and Dutt was the smaller flippy guy. Dijak was the younger and more athletic competitor, but Dutt was the crafty veteran. Dijak was the overconfident asshat while Dutt was the humble competitor.

None of those things require a great deal amount of effort, but applying those concepts to your matches make your physical effort so much more meaningful. Kudos to all involved for making this a thing. More people should make this a thing on their shows. (***3/4)

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