Bayley vs. Charlotte from WWE 2017


This was for Charlotte’s Raw Women’s Championship.

On one hand, this match was very successful within its own bubble, was enjoyable from beginning to end, and lead to the wonderful moment of Bayley winning her first main roster championship.

On the other (if obvious) hand, Bayley winning her first title on television seemed so wrong especially with Wrestlemania right around the corner. Honestly, Bayley vs. Charlotte with Bayley winning her first title AND ending Charlotte’s PPV winning streak could be built up to the point that it could easily main event Wrestlemania.

On a slightly less important note, it was also frustrating that Sasha Banks attacked Charlotte right before Bailey won. Yes, Sasha was evening the odds for Bayley after Dana Brooke repeatedly interfered, but it still took a little something away from Bayley’s win.

Regardless, this was a fun match that everyone should watch. It just could have been more. (***3/4)

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