AJ Styles vs. John Cena vs. Baron Corbin vs. The Miz vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Dean Ambrose from WWE 2017

wolvesThis was an elimination chamber match for Cena’s WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

This was JUST satisfying and enjoyable enough to compensate for the fact that it went on a bit too long and it ended with Bray Wyatt of all people becoming a world champion.

Everyone worked very hard and a number of the eliminations were done quite well. The Big Breakfast being the dominant but overzealous rookie who got caught by Ambrose’s fruit roll-up was fantastic.

It was a great use of ol’ Banter, and his continuous rise over the last few months has been great to witness. The Miz gloriously covering Ambrose after the Breakfast post-elimination attack was almost equally as satisfying. ¬†Good stuff.

They also did a great job of eliminating Cena. The match was structured in a way that made you believe he was at least going to be in the final two if not win the whole thing. Bray making John the fourth person eliminated came off very well and gave the AJ/Bray final stretch far more buzz and excitement.

Doing all of this to lead to a Bray Wyatt world title win though is pretty weak though. Bray is far from useless, but he’s not the guy to carry a brand. A Bray/Orton world title match at Wrestlemania also does not really sound all that appealing on paper. Hopefully, it overdelivers though almost every other aspect of the Orton/Wyatt shenanigans.

Overall, this match was fun and only dragged on occasion. The macro booking decisions seem very, very questionable right now, but they at least took a fine journey here. (***1/2)


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