Fred Yehi vs. Brian Cage from FIP 2017


This was for Yehi’s FIP Championship.

THIS WAS GREAT!  Yehi took it right to the FAR larger gentleman before the bell even started. He wouldn’t have much of a chance otherwise. Cage didn’t panic though and just relied on his strength and size advantage to get (and then maintain) control.

Yehi couldn’t match Cage in either of those departments obviously. He had to get crafty in a manner that only Yehi can do. He went after the pressure points. He went after the limbs. It was grand.

Perhaps in a longform match, that strategy would have worked for Yehi entirely on its own. They working such a delightful and blistering pace though that Yehi’s tactics would not work in time.

Cage’s response to Yehi’s strategy was just to deliver as many death blows as possible. Yehi just was not doing enough damage to keep up. Cage would finish him long before this long con strategy of Yehi would pay off.

What could Yehi do? He simply took advantage if FIP’s unique rules. There are no rope breaks in FIP, and Yehi managed to use to apply a rope-assisted Koji Clutch. Cage had no refuge and was forced to submit.

This was one of the best matches of the year. (****1/4)


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