Donovan Dijak vs. Marty Scurll from Ring of Honor 2017


This was for Scurll’s ROH Television Championship.

In what appeared to be his write-out of the company, Donovan Dijak decided to steal the show one more time and prove just how badly ROH missed the (gold) boat on him.

This match was all about Dijak. He busted out every ridiculous move that he has in his arsenal. He got to look like a tank of a wrestler. He got to prove how much he believes in the Code of Honor (going for a handshake during the match led to him being cut off initially and then led to Scurll getting the upperhand at the very end).

Dijak threw everything he had at Scurll. Scurll even managed to kick out of Feast Your Eyes (which feels like the first time in ROH anyone has done that). Scurll then managed to make him cleanly submit to the chickenwing.

Goodbye, Donovan Dijak. ROH clearly did not deserve you. You got to go out swinging though while proving that ROH fans will still get vocal and whipped into a frenzy if you actually present┬áthem with something┬áthat’s worth being invested in. (***3/4)


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