Kazuchika Okada vs. Minoru Suzuki from NJPW 2017


This was for Okada’s IWGP Heavyweight Championship.

I normally prefer to not write in the first person when writing professional wrestling reviews, but special occasions sometimes require something a little bit different.

This was fucking terrible, and I truly cannot comprehend or relate to your tastes in professional wrestling if you thought this was good in any way. That is not a personal attack. I do not think less of you. I do not think less of your tastes. We are simply viewing professional wrestling from two perspectives that could not be more opposite.

First off, this was a forty minute match. That put them behind the eight ball and continued the unfortunate trend of 2017 with NJPW main events being incredibly long.

The match was then legitimately 75% Okada sitting in a kneebar. That was kind of absurd in it of itself, but the idea that a pro wrestling match would be spent in a supposedly dangerous submission for so long without the person tapping out was beyond stupid.

Now, for the first 32 or 35 minutes or so, the stupidity beyond that was kept to a minimum. There was a moment where Okada needlessly kipped up for no discernible reason mind you. But it was not like Okada was running around and doing coast-to-coast dropkicks.

Then in the closing stretch, Okada needed to hit two of signature moves for his comeback. What moves do you say? The Air Raid Crash on the knee (the injured one). Then a deadlift, wheelbarrow German suplex.

What in the fuck was this shit? You do a 40-minute match about sitting in a knee bar and then the knee can’t even be fucking dead or something? You have to get in your bullshit signature moveset? What the fuck is wrong with Okada? What in the fuck is wrong with everyone? (DUD)


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