Kongo Kong vs. Sami Callihan from AAW 2017


This was for Sami Callihan’s AAW Heavyweight Championship.

This was so good. Sami tried to jump Kongo as he’s wont to do. That failed though because Kongo is Kongo. Kongo then proceeded to destroy Sami even as the champ continuously tried to fight back.

Sami was not going to get this done on his own though, clearly. OINK showed up at one point, but that just caused more and more people to come down. That led to Kongo doing a dive onto about six people which was delightful.

Sami then resorted to throwing powder in Kongo’s face and then giving him a DVD through a chair. Sami managed to retain, but Kongo basically kicked out at 3.0000001.

This match allowed Kongo to be Kongo and forced Sami to be the best Sami. It was a #SamiSprint. Sami got his ass kicked. Kong did the ass-kicking. All was well. (****)


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