Io Shirai vs. Konami from Stardom 2017

This definitely came across like a house show effort for the BITW. That’s not to say it was a waste of time though, as it gave us an intriguing look at her first-time opponent, Konami.

Io got to act and work pretty casually. She didn’t take Konami as seriously as she probably should which allowed Konami to get in some good shots and come close to picking off the champ. Io eventually got it together and won via fruit roll-up.

Konami clearly has a lot of tools to become a force in Stardom. She really needs to move around with a lot more confidence though.

There’s a stilted quality to everything she does. It would be the equivalent to a novice dancer watching their feet during every movement. (Yes, a heavy and well-fucking deserved shot at Ryan Gosling.) (***)


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