Bayley vs. Charlotte from WWE 2017


This was for Charlotte’s Raw Women’s Championship.

These two had a really good match on an NXT TakeOver two-and-a-half years ago. Time really fucking flies, dear lawd.

While this match had some awkward/distracting moments for sure, it really worked so well in a broader sense that those individual moments did not really matter.

Bayley came out hot and was flying around a fair bit. Charlotte sent Bayley’s head into the apron to get control. Charlotte worked Bayley over for a bit and somewhat targeted Bayley’s knee for a portion of it.

Bayley was fighting back and finally had a significant opening after she blocked a moonsault attempt from Charlotte. Bayley could not capitalize though because she used her injured knee to block the moonsault. This eventually allowed Charlotte to finish Bayley with Natural Selection on the apron.

This was a really fun match that overcame its deficiencies with a sound in-ring story. Good start to the main show. (***1/2)



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