Tye Dillinger vs. Eric Young from WWE 2017


Tye Dillinger’s “Perfect 10” deal really makes for a great undercard gimmick for him in NXT. For one of those technically proficient wrestlers who could never break out, he should be proud that he broke through to the degree that he has right now. It’s a totally respectable ceiling for a pro wrestler.

If you’re going to be doing TakeOver programs with Dillinger though, NXT needs to do a hell of a lot better than Eric Young of all people. At least the Bobby Roode match in Toronto featured the insanely (if irrationally) over Roode.

Eric Young is as plain as it gets in terms of proficient in-ring ability (the fact that he apparent had a hand in Dillinger’s training makes ALL the sense). The Sanity stable is so dumb that it HAS to be a rib on indie wrestling stables like Age of the Fall and whatever. This is such an uninspired crew, and their presence really does NXT a disservice on the¬†whole.

The notion that this Sanity act is meant to be taken remotely seriously is just utterly ridiculous. The idea that Eric Young should be winning matches in NXT at all, let alone on TakeOvers, is so absurd that it should not make it past the writer’s table.

This match wasn’t even bad at all. It was perfectly serviceable. You just have to accept too many faulty premises to even get to the match alone, never mind the finish. (**3/4)



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