Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Bobby Roode from WWE 2017


This was for Nakamura’s NXT Championship.

Despite a very good final couple of minutes, this was mostly a bore as expected.

The stuff with Nakamura’s left knee at the end was very well done. He knew the Boma Ye was his best chance of making up for the fact that he was so far behind in the match. He hit short-range one in the ring, but Roode kicked out.

Nakamura then went for the follow-up one from the middle rope. He ended up needing to do it on the apron though which caused him to crash super hard on his knee. Nakamura could barely stand on it afterwards but managed to KO Roode with one more Boma Ye in the ring.

Nakamura was left practically crippled by that though. Roode sprang into action and hit the impaler DDT for a great nearfall. From there, Roode violently applied a single-leg crab on the bad leg before finishing the champ off with a second impaler DDT.

WHILE THAT WAS SOME EXCEPTIONAL PRO WRESTLING AT THE VERY END, it does not fully compensate for the embarrassingly boring and uninspired match they worked up until that point. If they had only applied the lessons of the final minute to the whole match, they actually may have produced something special. Make your time in the ring actually mean something. (**3/4)



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