Mark Andrews vs. Pete Dunne from WWE 2017


This was a semifinal match in the Paul UK tournament thing.

Dunne is really close to being quite good, and this match was a strong step in the right direction. They did the bruiserweight vs. cruiserweight match here which is awesome in theory.

The key to this one working better than some other Dunne matches in 2016 was that he really got a bit more brutal. It goes to show that the methodical pace of his matches is not an issue. How he uses that time is where he has struggled.

There is still room to grow, but Dunne was in good form here.

Andrews was his usual good self here. He sold like a mother fucker. His flippy stuff looked great like always. He’s a genuine star in the making.

After winning his first two matches with the SSP to start the tournament, he kept going for it late in the match here when he was desperately behind. Dunne knew it was coming though and kept avoiding it.

Andrews was really left with no other choice but to go big or go home. The SSP failures though allowed Dunne to eventually put him away. (***1/2)


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