Kento Miyahara vs. Takao Omori from AJPW 2017


This was for Miyahara’s Triple Crown Championship.

It’s time to come to terms with the fact that Takao Omori is basically done as someone who should be getting title matches. This was not even a bad match by any stretch of the imagination. He just can’t work at a high enough level of physicality and urgency to really get it done right now. He’s 0/2 in main event title matches already in 2017, and there have been no signs of hope that he will suddenly be able to turn it back on.

Here, they worked a main event title match in broad strokes. There was some early limb work. There were the basic periods of control that each man got. They did the nearfalls and twists down the stretch. It was all missing the basic components that you need for great main events thought.

The intensity and physicality were inconsistent. The urgency was not there in any way. There was no nuance to the story. Almost all of the kickouts felt forced and unearned. You should skip this one. It is not worth anyone’s time. (**)


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