Io Shirai vs. Viper from Stardom 2017


This was for Shirai’s World of Stardom Championship.

This was a big change of pace for the usually dominant Io. Viper is quite the large performer, and she naturally dominated the entire match. Io obviously then had to work underneath, and it was fascinating to see her switch roles so seamlessly. When you’re great though, you’re great.

The other big notable aspect of this match was that Viper performed at a level that indicated that she is quite limited in the ring. She looked unsure of herself at times and did not dominate as brutally as she needed to in order to truly become the monster star she has the capability of becoming. Seeing Io carrying her here was impressive to say the least.

This match was probably on the long side, and it doesn’t stand out in a bubble the way a lot of Io matches clearly do. It was a fascinating watch though just to see Io be great in a completely different manner than usual. Io won cleanly after a STRAIT JACKET GERMAN MY GAWD. (***1/2)



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