Eddie Edwards vs. Bobby Lashley from TNA 2017


This was a 30-minute iron person match for EEEE’s TNA World Championship.

These guys are both super talented, and their chemistry allows them to be an automatic good match every time out there probably. The layout of this match really put it over the top though as a lowkey MOTYC.

It was 50/50 early on with neither guy appearing to be close to getting control, let alone an actual fall. Then Blaster connected on a spear out of nowhere to pick up the first fall.

Shortly after that, they ended up on the floor, and the Blaster got some FIRM control of the match. He gave EEEE a devastating release powerbomb on the ring ramp. EEEE was so toast after that he was counted out in the most casual manner possible. It seemed all but over.

EEEE managed to make his way back to the ring. He seemed dead in the water, but he managed to get a fluke fruit roll-up victory out of nowhere.

A few minutes after that, EEEE hit the Busaiku Knee on the floor. He followed that up with another one in the ring to even things up.

EEEE just kept going and going, but he eventually got trapped in a submission that forced him to tap out. From there, Blaster tried to stall and that seemed to be working. EEEE continued to take the fight to him though and ended up applying a choke sleeper. It looked like EEEE might pull off the tie, but Blaster held on as time expired to pick up the win and the title.

This will be flat-out one of the best world title matches of the year. Blaster Lashley is a fucking god among insects, and you cannot allow anyone tell you any differently. My gawd. Seek this bad boy out. (****1/2)


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