Dan Moloney & Pete Dunne vs. Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) from ATTACK 2017


Ya’ll know Tanner. King of bad food takes, asking people how one orders airplane tickets, thinks every wrestling match is good. He said to watch this match. You really can’t blame a child for their tastes though. They don’t know any better. Adults like myself SHOULD know better though.

So, this match. It was basically a Texas Tornado brawl. It was perfectly fine for the most part. They did things. Bodies were flying everywhere. The fans were singing. Non-stop, really. Drinking makes you do that I suppose.

The closing sequence of the match involved a heel ref deciding to be a heel ref a lot. That whole deal led to stereo fruit roll-ups with the heel ref counting to give Dunne and Moloney. I don’t know. Fuck you, Tanner. (**1/2)


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