Andrew Everett vs. Arik Royal from CWF-MA 2016


This was a GREAT match. Everett came out fired up and connected on three excellent dives pretty much right away. Everett wasn’t doing that to metaphorically jerk off for the crowd.Royal had a huge size and strength advantage, and Everett did not waste any time playing to his own strengths to give himself the best chance possible.

That sequence established an urgent and appropriately serious tone for the contest. The match continued in a smart direction after that.

Royal is not exactly slow, and he managed to cut off Everett by essentially tackling him off the apron and into the crowd. From there, the match largely went as expected with Royal dominating while Everett progressively started to fire back more and more.

It all built to this absolutely awesome finish that served as a perfect exclamation point. Everett’s comebacks were not causing enough damage so he decided to go super high risk by leaping up to the ceiling. He was presumably trying to drop down for a ‘rana, but Royal had other plans. Royal reversed it into a devastating powerbomb and then murdered Everett with a pounce. Glorious finish. (****)

(The only real issue with the match was that some of the selling seemed a bit comical or overly theatrical at times. We’re not talking Shawn Michaels vs. Hogan stuff. Just a few small irksome moments that did not really matter in the end.)

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