Candice LeRae vs. Trent? from PWG 2016


This was a really fun match! Trent? has been good for a while on top. He just paces everything very well. Here, he got to utilize the “big vs. small” story which is not something he has the opportunity to do all that often. He did it very well though but was in no small part helped by Candice.

Candice’s surprise return worked out really well. The fans were incredibly receptive to her and rallied behind her right away. Trent? initially took Candice lightly for a moment. Candice then started to kick his ass, and she connected on her tope tornado DDT. Trent? promptly switched gears and murdered Candice with an apron powerbomb.

From there, Trent? proceeded to work as if he was trying to use big movez to finish Candice (when he wasn’t getting distracted by Legion Larry of course.) Candice was matching him though, move for move. The match was worked in a manner where it was genuinely hard to predict who was going to win.

Trent? eventually managed to finish Candice with a pair of Jig ‘n’ Tonics, but both wrestlers came out of this one looking real good. (***1/2)


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