Io Shirai vs. Kairi Hojo from Stardom 2016


This was a 5Star Grand Prix 2016 Block B match.

This was a great match. Io was dominating in some lovely Io fashion early on. Hojo knew she had to do something significant to make the match competitive again.

Thus, she started BRUTALLY going after the small of Io’s back. It was an incredibly focused and downright savage attack on Io’s back. It not only evened things up, but it gave Hojo the advantage.

Io obviously wasn’t just going to sit there. She’s going to get crazy if she has to do so to match here opponent. Then the following happened:


What the fuck. WHAT THE FUCK. WHY.

From there, both wrestlers went big time and time again to finish each other off. Hojo finally got away from that though and then made one final brutal assault on the small of Io’s back. That eventually led to Io tapping out, and Hojo getting the victory. GREAT stuff. (****1/4)



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