Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton from WWE 2016


This was very formulaic and uninspired. Then Orton started bleeding buckets. Then the match was ruled over via TKO. Then a Brock/Shane McMahon match was teased. Everything is awful.

Brock and Orton really were not working with that sense of urgency or danger that makes the simple Brock matches stand out as something special. Instead, it felt like they were working a very controlled match and only pretending to do a brawl. In other words, the match felt phony.

The blood spot was potentially huge. It could have signaled a new beginning to the match and turned the intensity up hugely. Instead, in the context of an underwhelming main event, it felt like a cheap and unsatisfying finish. What a blah main event. (**1/4)



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