John Hennigan vs. Sami Callihan from AAW 2016


This was not terrible by any means, but they made some structural mistakes that did them a disservice. The match started with some dives from Morrison. While that is a clear and proven way to get fans excited to start the match, you are really putting yourself behind the eight ball.

You have to tell a really compelling story after that or work a super compact match with an insane pace to keep the fans invested. They did neither.

Sami predictably did a dull heat segment instead before an extended back-and-forth sequence. That was fine enough, but then it led to a clusterfuck finish with all sorts of interference. It was unsatisfying to say the least.

Morrison of course went over here which was unsurprising. Sami losing his first match after dropping the belt was probably not a bad decision. It’s probably leading to a babyface turn down the line which will make him a bit more tolerable and consistent in the ring. Morrison won with a chair-assisted split-legged moonsault. (**3/4)


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