Io Shirai vs. Mayu Iwatani from Stardom 2016


This was for Shirai’s World of Stardom Championship.

This match was great. Shirai came out fucking firing, and she looked like she might just run through Mayu in a matter of minutes.

Mayu of course fought back. She stepped up the craziness factor because she had to go beyond the usual levels of wrestling evil to match up with Io. We’re talking dragon suplexes on the ring apron levels of evil. It was a sight.

Io was now metaphorically (and occasionally literally) on the ropes. Mayu punched her in the mouth, but she did not back down. Io met the challenge head on and threw everything at Mayu. She eventually kept her down with a moonsault.

Io Shirai is simply the best wrestler in the world. Holy fucking shit. That ring is hers, and everyone else is just a fucking guest waiting to be murdered in it. She works like she has complete control of the ring. She is able to dominate her opponents in a cocky fashion that is totally earned and organic. She makes the most of her time in the ring and does not use a long match length as an excuse to do nothing. She is basically the perfect wrestler. (****1/4)




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