Jay Lethal vs. Mark Haskins from RPW 2016


This was for Lethal’s ROH World Championship.

Why oh why did they make this for the ROH World Championship? The odds of a Haskins vs. Lethal match working are so small as it is; there is a near impossibly low margin of error! You gotta show better judgement than that. You just cannot tell a group of informed fans that there is no chance that the babyface is winning right before the match starts. Make it for a future ROH World Championship match. Something. Anything. You cannot do what yo did here unless you’re positive that the wrestlers can overcome the predictability of the outcome. (And if you think these two could overcome that, well, you’re being awfully naive.)

This was boring and came off incredibly flat. They did nothing in the match to compensate for that. They then topped off this chore with the lazy low blow finish that Lethal apparently needed to defeat this guy who is not even in the company. He can beat AJ Styles cleanly no problem. Mark Haskins though. Time to bust out the dirty finish. Garbage. (DUD)


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