AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels from EPW 2015


This was a 2/3 falls match.

This was very underwhelming despite my modest expectations. There were a couple of neat ideas in there for sure. Daniels tapped out quickly to the calf slicer because he knew he had a fall to give and didn’t want to sacrifice his leg for the future falls. Daniels then targeted AJ’s back in the second fall, and that eventually allowed Daniels to more easily set AJ up for the BME. That was about it though. The rest of the match was mechanically sound physical work devoid of emotion, interest, or excitement. To be fair, these two can get away with doing less given their stature. However, you have to give a little something. We barely got anything. AJ won the third fall and the match with the Styles Clash. (**1/4)

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