The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar from WWE 2015

After his performances at the 2014 and 2015 Wrestlemanias, The Undertaker seemed completely done as a performer. There really was no need to ever see him again because it appeared to just be getting sadder and sadder. The idea of going back to the Brock match in particular here seemed like a terrible decision.

Brock and Taker shocked the world though and managed to deliver one of their few good matches ever in August 2015. There was a tremendous sense of urgency here as both guys were working their asses from the word go. It seemed like they were on their way to a genuine classic, as they were busting out some big stuff and had the crowd in the palm of their hand.

Then the finish happened.

WWE wanted a third match. WWE wanted to get Taker a win. WWE wanted to protect Brock in defeat. Those goals led to them deciding that the best way to finish this match was an accidental bell ringing when Brock had Taker in the kimura. In the confusion, Taker low blowed Brock and then made Brock pass out to the gogoplata.

WWE really wasted Taker’s last gasp of greatness with this finish. Taker worked like he was determined to prove that he was not done just yet, and he really delivered. The WWE let him down though. (***)


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