Bad Luck Fale vs. Kazuchika Okada from NJPW 2015

April 5, 2015
Tokyo, Japan

Originally reviewed here.

I was pleasantly surprised by their NJC match, and I’m now cautiously optimistic for this one.

Okada took it to Fale right away, but the lumbering big man cut him off quickly enough. He then worked him over for a while. Okada ended up making his comeback on the floor. They went back and forth in the ring. They avoided each other’s finishers and kicked out of signature movez. They built a great deal of drama that way. Okada’s face got fucked up somewhere along the way. He delivered the scariest-looking tombstone that I’ve seen in a while before finally finishing Fale with the Rainmaker.

This ended up being of a similar quality to the Fale/Nakamura IC title matches from last year. Kudos to Okada for showing a bit more fire/energy as a babyface here when that’s something he’s struggled with in the past. I still don’t think that’s a natural direction for him, but I’m glad he’s getting better at it at least.

Match Rating: ***1/2


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