Bad Luck Fale vs. Tetsuya Naito from NJPW 2015

March 8, 2015
Tokyo, Japan

New Japan Cup 2015 Second Round Match

Originally reviewed here.

Fale went for the countout win early on, but Naito beat the count. Fale remained in control and worked Naito over for a while. Naito made a comeback. He went after the left leg to ground the bigger man. Fale survived that and made his own comeback. Naito avoided the spike and took Fake down by the injured leg. Fale survived that but couldn’t pull off the Bad Luck Fall. He hit a lariat/spike combo though for a nearfall. He then went for the Bad Luck Fall, but Naito reversed it into a hurricanrana: 1…2…3!

On the Brent Albright/Adam Pearce Death Before Dishonor 2008 Miracle Scale, this was a 7. Fale is one of the least-talented wrestlers in the world (at least in major companies), and Naito is the king of not delivering when he needs to. Everything somehow worked out here. Fale being more consistent in his injured limb selling would have put this over the top. GOOD stuff. Don’t sleep on it.

Match Rating: ***1/2


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