The Colony (Fire Ant & Silver Ant) vs. The Colony: Xtreme Force (Missile Assault Ant & Orbit Adventure Ant) from Chikara 2014


Originally reviewed here.

Story of the Match: These two stables had a shaky trios match at You Only Live Twice. Hopefully, this will be better.

This was a fairly standard independent wrestling tag match. There was an extended heat segment and then a really extended back and forth sequence to finish the match. Unfortunately, he latter part definitely dragged at times. There were some good moments, but it did not come together like they probably thought it could. The finishing moments featured some cool action at least, but The Colony are too talented to be stuck in this dead feud.

The Colony: Xtreme Force attacked The Folony after the match. By fucking gawd, this feud must continue.

Analysis: This felt like the exact same match as the one these two stables had at You Only Live Twice, but with a far better finish. The Colony: Xtreme Force are not that good, and they continue to drag down whatever matches they are in. Their storyline should have been wrapped up when Wink disappeared.

Match Rating: **3/4


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