Monster Express (Akira Tozawa & Shingo Takagi) vs. Millennials (Eita & T-Hawk) from Dragon Gate 2014

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July 20, 2014
Kobe, Japan

This was for Monster Express’ Open the Twin Gate Championship.

Originally reviewed here.

Eita got worked over early on. The Millennials came back, and Eita hit Takagi with a tope con hello. Hawk and Takagi traded tombstone attempts on the entrance ramp. Hawk eventually won the exchange and nailed Takagi with the tombstone on said ramp. Tozawa then got worked over. Tozawa eventually tagged out to Takagi, and the crowd did not react at all. Takagi made a tepid tag. The crowd woke up when Tozawa started doing dives. He hit three tope suicidas in a row. Takagi hit a stereo dive on the last one. The teams started going back and forth in the ring. They hit a lot of movez. Takagi called for Stay Dream on Hawk, but Hawk avoided it. Tozawa then gave him SUPER-DUPERplex. Hawk got ran through for a bit. He ate a tombstone from Takagi for a nearfall. Pumping Bomber/German combo: 1…2…EITA MAKES THE SAVE! The match is picking up. Eita gave Tozawa the Vertabreaker, and Takagi had to make the save. Tozawa ate a Lungblower Device. Takagi barely made the save. Eita and Takagi did an amazing sequence. Give me a singles between these two. Eita had him trapped in an arm submission, and Tozawa barely made the save. Eita teased another lungblower Device spot, but he instead gave Tozawa a moonsault to the floor. How do I always fall for that? Takagi planted Hawk with Made in Japan, but Hawk kicked out at one. PUMPING BOMBER: 1…2…NO! Takagi and Hawk went back and forth. Hawk gave him a Night Ride END: 1…2…NO! Another Night Ride END: 1…2…3!

Dragon Gate tag matches are often not my cup of tea. The matches usually feel like they go ten minutes too long more often than not. Oddly, that was not entirely the case here. The final ten minutes (or so) were my favorite section of the match. However, the match just was not that interesting up until the Stay Dream tease. While the closing stretch made up for a lot of the boring parts, it was not enough to completely redeem this. The lack of clearly defined roles for each team seemingly was the cause the early boredom.
Match Rating: ***


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