Silver Ant vs. Missile Assault Ant from Chikara 2014

Originally reviewed here.

July 19, 2014
New York City, New York

Silver Ant vs. Missile Assault Ant

Story of the Match: Hey, it’s a Silver Ant singles match! Wrestling needs more of these. Hopefully, this match has a chance to be good, and it’s not sacrificed for the sake of this Colony/Colony: Xtreme Force feud that I do not care about.

Silver Ant went for several submissions throughout the match. Missile Assault Ant often powered out of the submissions. Silver Ant wasn’t targeting one body part, as he was trying out all sorts of submission attempts. The finish came when Silver Ant had a sleeper, but Missile Assault Ant used the turnbuckle to reverse it into a pinning combination (the Bret Hart/Steve Austin Survivor Series finish).

Analysis: I thought the story of this match was pretty sound. Silver Ant kept going for submissions, but Missile Assault always powered out. A sleeper finally seemed to weaken Missile Assault Ant, but he used a somewhat desperate maneuver to escape and win. Missile Assault Ant has a ton of work to do though because he’s not that good yet. Silver Ant made this a solid affair, but the fruit roll-up finish certainly dampened my enthusiasm.

Match Rating: **1/2


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