Jaka vs. Estonian Thunderfrog from Chikara 2014

Originally reviewed here.

June 22, 2014
Detroit, Michigan

Jaka vs. Estonian Thunderfrog

Story of the Match: Despite the problematic and archaic character, I’m very happy that Jaka is in Chikara going forward as he is very talented. The match was fairly basic, but it worked with the crowd. There was a sloppy inconsistency in the power of the frog’s hammer. Jaka tried to pick it up and obviously failed. Thunderfrog then gave Jaka a German that sent the hammer flying. When the hammer landed, no one in the ring jumped up and down like they normally do when the hammer lands. Does the hammer only have that effect when it’s purposely slammed to the mat? I demand answers to these very important questions. I’m being very sarcastic. Anyway, Jaka eventually won when he pinned the frog with his feet on the ropes. Derpa derp.

Analysis: I would have been much more interested in a number of other singles matches for Jaka whereas Thunderfrog is still better off in tag matches. The finish being unnecessarily annoying bugged me.

Match Rating: *1/2

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