Eddie Kingston vs. Shynron from Chikara 2014

Originally reviewed here.

June 22, 2014
Detroit, Michigan

Eddie Kingston vs. Shynron

Story of the Match: Kingston came out in jeans and a vest hoodie. He did not want to wrestle. Shynron probably could have won via countout, but Shynron took the match to him. He hit many flippy moves. Jimmy Jacobs came out and whispered something in Kingston’s ear. Kingston metaphorically woke up and beat the shit (more metaphors) out of Shynron. He pinned Shynron after a backfist.

Analysis: In a different time, I could see myself being interested in where this Kingston/Flood storyline is going. For the sake of being fair, I will not say that there is no chance that there is a good payoff for it. However, the storyline is certainly not entertaining right now in any way.

Match Rating: ¼*

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