The Baltic Siege (Latvian Proud Oak & Lithuanian Snow Troll) vs. The Bloc Party (Mr. Azerbaijin & Prakash Sabar) from Chikara 2014


Originally reviewed here.

Story of the Match: This is my first time watching Prakash Sabar. At NPWD, The Bloc Party had a boar with them, but he was crushed by the Estonian Thunderfrog’s hammer. Bryce informed me that Prakash debuted at the You Only Live Twice expansion pack.

The majority of the match was the Snow Troll getting worked over. When he made a tag to the tree, the tree went for a springboard move but crotched himself. That was one of the best comedy spots I’ve ever seen. The Snow Troll was never able to properly tag out (as the Tree fell to the floor after crotching himself), but he managed to catch Mr. Azerbaijin with a small package for the victory.

The Bloc Party attacked the Siege after the match, stole their flags, and threw them in the trash. Estonian Thunderfrog came out after was very distressed.

Analysis: This was a harmless undercard match that provided some fun moments. I think the Latvian Proud Oak could be involved in higher quality things though. He’s one of the most entertaining characters on the roster.

Match Rating: **

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