Juan Francisco de Coronado vs. Billy Roc from Chikara 2014


Originally reviewed here.

Story of the Match: Billy Roc used to be a part of a really unique and fun web series called, “Class Wars.” Then it was ruined when it was turned into a Wrestling Is company. Roc doesn’t wrestle much anymore, and thus I’m happy that he’s on this card against a talented performer.

The substance of the match was Coronado going after Roc’s left knee. Roc made a spirited comeback despite the injury, but Coronado eventually caught him with a bridging German for the win.

Analysis: This match did not set the world on fire, but it was the most interesting match so far tonight. Roc sold for Coronado well, and the right man went over in clean fashion. I would like to see Roc on more shows. You know a show is bad when I start giving it credit for making logical sense.

Match Rating: **1/2

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