Estonian Thunderfrog vs. Proletariat Boar of Moldova from Chikara 2014


Originally reviewed here.

Story of the Match: I guess I was wrong about the Boar being written out when he was struck by the hammer at NPWD. Maybe I confused the Boar with someone else. Should I look this up? Dammit, I should. Ah, I believe The Brown Morning Of Belarus was written out at NPWD.

I would not say this match was “serious,” but there was a far less comedy than I wanted. It was a regular match with cartoon characters and some lighthearted action at times. The frog seemed to have Boar on the metaphorical ropes, and he took out The Bloc Party by smashing his hammer on the mat. Boar then caught him with a gore for the win out of nowhere.

The Bloc Party attacked Thunderfrog after the match, and the referees could not stop it. The Snow Troll and the tree were very late to running out. It was clear they were setting up a future trios match.

Analysis: This was just a regular match in terms of structure and content, and that made it very disappointing to me. A match between a boar and a frog should contain a lot more comedy if neither wrestler is especially strong at in-ring action (and neither of these two are strong in the ring). I’m also getting tired of these characters, as I feel that Chikara is reducing whole countries to individual cartoon animals that seem to instinctually feud with each other. That seems problematic on the surface, and I don’t know entirely how I feel about it. When it was just the frog and the tree, it seemed a bit more harmless than it does now.

Match Rating: *


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