Eddie Kingston vs. Jimmy Jacobs from Chikara 2014


Originally reviewed here.

Story of the Match: Eddie Kingston is an incredibly sad panda after losing the Grand Championship at the season premiere. Jacobs came out in what appeared to be skinny jeans and sandals. He only brought one masked goon with him this time. Maybe the one that screwed up the finish of the Jacobs/Peck match got future endeavored.

Jacobs had no intention of wrestling and tried to recruit Kingston to The Flood. (Hey, Jacobs mentioned that Fake Bane who runs The Flood is actually called, “Deucalion.” Based on the round shape of Deucalion, I’m guessing he’s Chris Hero.) When positive reinforcement did not work with Kingston, Jacobs tried to taunt Kingston into joining. Kingston eventually got tired of that, and the match started.

Kingston mostly dominated the match, but Jacobs managed to grab a microphone. He got inside Kingston’s head talking about how Kingston “lost her.” You know, because Kingston’s shiny metal object is his female partner, which is a totally non-problematic storyline for Chikara to do. Kingston was so distracted that Jacobs easily speared him for the win.

Jacobs was called “such a girl” by a fan in the crowd. Make sure you mark that sexist moment down next time Chikara fans talk about how great they are.

Analysis: Set aside the problematic bullshit storyline that Eddie Kingston’s championship belt was his metaphorical wife, this was some grade A WWE television bullshit on a Chikara show. If I booked this show, I would be too embarrassed for anyone to see it.

Match Rating: DUD


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