Chuck Taylor vs. Shynron from Chikara 2014


Originally reviewed here.

Story of the Match: I believe this match took place between the two Chicago shows. There are not many fans in the crowd, and there is an eleven year-old kid on commentary (he won a raffle) with LFC. The kid did not know who Shynron was, which led to several amusing moments (“Great move by…that guy”). Shynron springboarded into a handspring backflip Ace Crusher, and kid repeatedly screamed, “RKO!” I nearly died of laughter.

The match was basic in structure. Shynron hit some flippy movez. Taylor did some great rudo shenanigans. Chuck eventually won with The Awful Waffle.

Analysis: This was a pretty fun match and better than everything but the main event on the regular show. The kid being on commentary was a nice thing for Chikara to do, and it also caused some genuine laugh out loud moments for me.

Match Rating: ***


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