The Colony (Fire Ant, Worker Ant, & Green Ant) vs. The Colony: Xtreme Force (Missile Assault Ant, Orbit Adventure Ant, & Artic Rescue Ant) from Chikara 2014


Originally reviewed here.

Story of the Match: Green Ant was in his new Silver Ant gear, but he was still referred to as Green Ant at this time. Worker Ant is the former assailANT. Silver Ant is one of the most enjoyable wrestlers in the world right now. Luckily, I don’t think the unnecessary name change should take away from his abilities. assailANT was definitely due for a name change.

The Colony: Xtreme Force still being around is another aspect of New Chikara that makes absolutely no sense. They were a cynical creation of Wink Vavasseur in order to capitalize on the merchandising opportunities that “The Colony” brand offered. Once Wink was no longer involved in the company, they should have gone with him. It certainly makes no sense that Mr. Chikara himself, Mike Quackenbush, would want to book them.

This match felt long, as each tecnico got worked over, and they had several different big comebacks. The Colony: Xtreme Force eventually had to cheat to win, as Missile Assault Ant gave Fire Ant the Missile Launcher into an exposed turnbuckle for the victory.

The Colony: Xtreme Force celebrated after the match with the 2011 King of Trios medals that they were retroactively awarded with by Wink. The Colony attacked them and took back the medals.

Analysis: There were a few sloppy moments in this. Artic Rescue Ant botched something basic very early on. Worker Ant, who was the one worked over during the first heat, had a couple of opportunities to just leave the ring to make the tag, but he didn’t do that. I know that’s less exciting than making the proverbial hot tag, but you need to account for that in your ring position when you have those lucha tag rules.

Those are small issues though. The bigger overall issue was how this match just felt like it was dragging. The Colony: Xtreme Force are just not that good of a team, and their matches are usually nothing to get excited about. The Colony provided some fun moments here, but overall, this was quite lackluster.

The finish was once again sacrificing fun and satisfaction to continue a storyline. Once again, the fans who are invested in this storyline are already giving Chikara their money. Do something better.

Match Rating: **1/2


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