Juan Franscisco de Coronado vs. Jervis Cottonbelly from Chikara 2014


Originally reviewed here.

Story of the Match: While I found Wrestling Is to be a very disappointing project, the silver lining is that a lot of characters not established in the Chikara stories got a chance to introduce themselves. These were two of the wrestlers I liked the most. Coronado cut a promo before the match that finally made me realize how derivative his character feels to Alberto del Rio. Obviously the character is from a different country and it’s overly simplistic at best (and slightly racist at worst) to say their characters are too similar…but it sure is easy to be overly cynical about the whole thing.

Much like the Remingston/Taylor match, this was all about establishing the character of Coronado for the Chikara audience (as opposed to the much smaller Wrestling Is audience) and reestablishing who Jervis was to the audience. The finish perfectly emphasized who Coronado was because he turned Cottonbelly’s mask around so that he was blinded (and Coronado then gave him a bridging German for the victory).

Analysis: Jervis’ in-ring work seems less mat based than his work that I saw in Wrestling Is. That makes me think it was changed for creative reasons or there is once again someone else portraying the Jervis Cottonbelly character. Regardless, I really enjoy his character, and he should absolutely be a regular on the Chikara roster. Coronado is getting a ton of heat, and he has a ton of potential in the ring. I hope he fulfills that potential. This match was but a sample of what both men are capable of (unless it’s a new Jervis in which case I have no idea what that man can do as a wrestler).

Match Rating: **


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