Eddie Kingston vs. Icarus from Chikara 2014


Originally reviewed here.

This was for Kingston’s Grand Championship.

Story of the Match: The last Chikara show of 2013 ended without a finish to this very same matchup for the Chikara Grand Championship.

In a really weird moment, Eddie Kingston came out first. Chikara doesn’t seem like a company that would have their champion come out first just to save Icarus’ pop for last. The crowd really disliked Kingston and threw toilet paper at him. The crowd loved Icarus (and he’s continuing to strategically cover up his awful back tattoo). Much like most of the matches on this evening, this was a very straightforward tecnico vs. rudo match. As Icarus began to get momentum down the stretch, the Chikara roster emptied to cheer him on at ringside. Icarus managed to survive a super exploder and a backfist. That basically sums of the match: it was all about Kingston throwing everything at Icarus, but the Winged Ring Warrior refused to quit. Icarus eventually hit the BluRay and then made Kingston pass out in the Chikara Special to win the Grand Championship.

Everyone celebrated with Icarus in the ring after.

Analysis: Overall, I think this was an effective main event. Generally speaking, I don’t find the structure of this match to be all that interesting (and Icarus is far better in a rudo tag team than as a singles babyface). A babyface enduring a long beatdown but overcoming the odds is a bit simplistic as far as I am concerned. Both guys told the story pretty well though, which made it more bearable.

Match Rating: ***1/4


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