Chuck Taylor vs. Ashley Remington from Chikara 2014

Story of the Match: This is the debut for Ashley Remington in Chikara. Remington was previously known as Dalton Castle. Castle was struggling to break out in the “major” independent companies, but maybe his new gimmick will help him. Two women accompanied Remington to the ring.

The match was all about establishing Smooth Sailin’ Ashley Remington’s character and style, while also reestablishing who Chuck Taylor is in 2014 Chikara. Remington is a “good vibes” guy with a style that can only be described as silky smooth. He’s not afraid to strike though. Sexy Chucky T made clear that he is who he has always been in Chikara. He’s not reformed like Icarus (or nonexistent like Gran Akuma and Johnny Gargano). He’s a rudo through and through who takes great pleasure in being a rudo. Remington managed to defeat Taylor with his submission called “Anchors Away.” Ashley then gave Chuck a fruit basket after the match; Chuck seemed downright smitten about that.

Analysis: With so many of the new Chikara storylines being these massive do or die plots that I find oft-putting and boring, Ashley Remington was everything you want from Chikara or any wrestling company. He clearly makes everything more fun and knows what he’s doing in the ring. This was a very strong debut, and Remington could be one of the MVPs for Chikara in 2014. The response to him reminded me of Archibald Peck’s start in Chikara. He’s a keeper, folks.

Match Rating: ***

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