AJ Styles vs. Facade from Remix Pro 2014


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Jimmy Facade!

There were a couple of awkward moments early on. Much like his idol, Sabu, I cannot tell if Facade’s botches are real botches. (That was my nice way of asking if Facade sucks real hard or just wants to seem like he sucks real hard.) AJ worked Facade over for a bit. Facade came back and hit a triple jump 450 to the floor. Actually, it was somersault legdrop. Not sure what it was intended to be though. They went back and forth in the ring. It was clunky and awful. They managed to pull off the moonsault reverse DDT really well though. Facade got a couple of nearfalls. They did a sloppy strike exchange. Pele Kick. Facade tried to come back with a Frankensteiner, but Styles reversed it into a super Styles Clash: 1…2…3

I really feel bad reviewing Facade matches because I know going in that they will not be good, and that I will not like them. I tried my absolute hardest to give this one a chance, but the amount of bad here was too much to ignore. The fact that this company has managed to convince their fans that Façade is good is very impressive though.
Match Rating: *

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