The Unholy Alliance (Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck) vs. AR Fox & Rich Swann) from 2CW 2014

Originally reviewed here.

The teams went back and forth for a while The Unholy Alliance got the first advantage. Whipwreck was battling Swann on the floor. Fox took them both out with the Lo Mein Rain. Fox and Swann then worked over Whipwreck. This went on for a good bit of time. Fox tried to finish him with a Swanton, but Whipwreck got his knees up. Tajiri then made the hot tag. He used lots of kicks. Mikey actually hit a springboard lariat on Fox. Fox went for Lo Mein Pain on Tajiri but he got the mist. Swann then ate the Whippersnapper and a Buzzsaw: 1…2…3

This match was really well-done. Both teams worked hard, and Fox/Swann really made sure to bump around to make Whipwreck/Tajiri look younger than they were. That’s not to say it was a carry job in the slightest. Whipwreck and Tajiri worked smart and seemed like a team that could still do the occasional “dream” match on the indies. I know I now want to see them against The Young Bucks at some point.

Match Rating: ***1/2


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