Kevin Steen vs. Alex Shelley from 2CW 2014

Originally reviewed here.

On paper, this is an amazing matchup, but I did not hear good things about this particular match.

They took their time. Steen was stalling a lot. Steen started to get physically finally, but Shelley kept getting the better of him. Steen finally had to crotch him on the ringpost to get control. Steen then worked Shelley over. That went on until Shelley blocked a senton by getting his knees up. Shelley then made a comeback. Steen put a stop to that with the assisted DDT. He got a nearfall with the F-cinq. He then hit the cannonball splash. Package Piledriver: 1…2…3

This picked up down the stretch, and the match ended up being better than I expected. It’s not something anyone needs to see though, which feels strange given how good you would think their matches could be.

Match Rating: **1/2


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