AJ Styles vs. Johnny Gargano from 2CW 2014

Originally reviewed here.

They paid homage to the feeling out process for a while. AJ finally connected on a dropkick and then worked Gargano over. Gargano was able to get control after the slingshot spear. Gargano worked him over a bit. Some fans chanted “This match sucks!” I do not entirely agree, but they haven’t done much of note so far. I also don’t think anything has been done to set up things for later in the match. They eventually started trading forearms. AJ won that exchange and made a comeback. Gargano got a nearfall with the Lawn Dart. AJ came back with Bloody Sunday for a nearfall. The commentators were talking about this easily being a “MOTY candidate.” Gargano Escape. AJ survived and avoided another attempt. Pele Kick. Styles Clash: 1…2…3

AJ called out the fan who said the match was boring. “It’s Wrestling 101, sir.”

This my least favorite kind of wrestling match at this point in time. It went very long for absolutely no reason, and the crowd was mostly quiet for all of it. The story they were going for (as best as I can tell) is that they were evenly matched, but AJ happened to connect on his finisher first. I guess that’s fine in theory, but the execution was lacking big time.
Match Rating: **

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