Jay Briscoe vs. Adam Cole from Ring of Honor 2014

This was a ladder war for Cole’s ROH World Championship.

The amount of violence in this one was kind of nuts and absolutely carried the match. The match was not much more than that unfortunately. There were just a ton of crazy spots for the sake of it. That works on a certain level though, and it would be hard not to at least appreciate the levels of effort and sacrifice going on here.

The deal at the end was pretty terrible though and absolutely dragged the match down. Jay had the match won. He came back down from the ladder though like an idiot after Cole insulted him. Jay then went to kill Cole, but Matt Hardy showed up to stop him. Mark Briscoe then ran in for the save. Mike Bennett then showed up to push Mark off a ladder and through a table. It was all such a dumb mess. Anyway, it all led to Cole winning of course. (**1/2)


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