Alberto del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler from WWE 2013


This match was for Dolph’s World Heavyweight Championship.

Well, this was fucking fantastic. Dolph Ziggler came into the match as the heel champion but getting over concussion issues. Alberto del Rio was coming off a failed babyface champion reign that ended when Dolph cashed in his Money in the Bank contract and took advantage of ADR’s injured leg. ADR ruthlessly took advantage of Dolph’s concussion issues and went after the head relentlessly. Dolph then looked incredibly valiant for just surviving the onslaught for so long. ADR kept getting more and more frustrated as Dolph would just not stay down. Finally, ADR drilled Dolph in the head with a kneeling superkick to retake his World Heavyweight Championship. Brilliant character work. Brilliant long-term storytelling. Brilliant in-ring work. This was probably the best match of either man’s career. (****3/4)

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