Cesaro & Kassius Ohno vs. CM Punk & Seth Rollins from WWE 2012


This was possibly the last Kings of Wrestling match ever.

This actually started as a CM Punk vs. Cesaro singles match which was just #VeryOk. They did not work with all that much urgency and managed to basically accomplish nothing in five minutes of “action.” Anyway, Kassius Ohno showed up. Punk and Rollins wanted a tag match. The Kings did not. Punk called Ohno a woman, because that’s a totally awesome and in no way regressive insult. Punk and Rollins chased them down, and we got a match. NXT! NXT! NXT!

All that led to yet another #VeryOk match. They did not work hard. They did not tell a compelling story. They did not have a hot crowd. It was a neat match to book, and it is neat that it was given an official release by the company. That is where the intrigue ends. If you have no attachment to the Kings of Wrestling, you really do not need to seek this one out. Punk and Rollins won with stereo pins after a GTS on Ohno and a SLICED BREAD #2 on Cesaro. (**)


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